Forever Spice

This is an excellent coffee table book. Big and lots of pictures. Of course you must keep in mind that this book was published well after Geri left, so there is only a few pictures with her.

Fan Club edition comes with preprinted autographs

apology post card about FC edition being late
letter that came with FC edition - thanks Spiceymike

Spiceworld The Official Book of the Movie

This book has a lot of pictures from the making of the movie as well as stuff about the other co-stars. This cover is the hard cover edition. The paperback version has the sparkly Union Jack and them standing in front of it like the movie poster.

Alternative Cover - thanks Bryan


If Only

This book was a number one best seller in England. I found the book to be very insightful and enjoyable to read. This book has lots of stories about her family, the path to fame, the Spice Girls and the aftermath of splitting off from the group. I find Ms. Halliwell's book enjoyable because she mentions some of my favorite things such as the television show Dallas, Rambo, the cartoon Danger Mouse and Ronald Reagan. A very good read and as you come to the end, you understand why she left the group.

Alternative Cover - thanks Bryan


Learning To Fly

This is the #1 selling book...or it was for a week or two in England. The book is Victoria's autobiography about herself, the Spice Girls, David and Brooklyn. The book has lots of cool pictures and stories. Stories range from preteen dating nightmares, police dramas, kidnapping dramas and how much she loves her family. I enjoyed the book. I was glad to see that the Geri bashing was minimum and that the Spice stories matched up with Geri's book.


Catch A Fire

This is Melanie's autobiography about her life and interpretation of the Spice Girls. I can't say this is my favorite book, but there are some very interesting stories about Mel's life with Jim. There is one chapter where you can almost see the story unfold in cinematic fashion. I can just imagine Mel running out to her car with lightning striking in the backgroud while Jim is chasing her.

Alternative Cover - thanks Bryan


Just For The Record

This book contains awesome photography by Dean Freeman. For the most part, the photos are full page and full color. There are a few chapters of text. I am still more news later about that. The book is worth buying just for the pictures.

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Brually Honest 2018

This is a follow up to Mel B's current life about her battle with alcohol and drugs. She also discusses Eddie Murphy and the cast of X Factor.

>>WARNING<< - This made me put Mel B down a peg or three as it really shows how selfish she is.

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Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Ginger,
Little Miss Baby, Little Miss Sporty

The Spice Girls are the best-selling girl group of all time and the icons who started Girl Power. Now Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty have been immortalised as Little Miss characters. This bumper pack of books contains all 4 stories from the Little Miss Spice Girls.

The Little Miss Spice Girls are adding a bit of spice to the Mr. Men & Little Miss world.

From Little Miss Ginger coming up with a finale to their tour, Little Miss Baby lending a helping hand to her friends, Little Miss Scary fixing a mishap on stage and Little Miss Sporty organising a Spiceland Fun Fair - this ultimate book collection will add some real girl power to your shelf.

Collect all 4 stories from the best-selling girl group – now that’s something to holler about!


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