• Spice Girls Live in Istanbul

The first ever MAJOR live performance. This video is available in VHS and VCD formats. It is a great concert to watch and sing along to. The video also contains some interviews with each spice about what it has been like so far, ect. The VCD comes with stickers inside the front cover.

  • Spice Girls Live at Wembley Stadium

This is 4x the concert as Istanbul. It is the last stop on the Spiceworld tour and by far is one of the best. At first you are thinking how it will be without Geri, but then as the show goes are asking, Geri who? It is a fun having time concert. The video is available in VHS and VCD. The video also contains interviews with the girls about life on the tour and life without Geri.

  • Spice Girls in America, A Tour Story

This is a behind the scenes video about the tour life of Spiceworld in the US. It is the video that Piers would have wanted to capture in the movie Spiceworld. It takes you deeper into the Spiceworld and sheds light on the questions you always wanted to know about what happens before and after the shows. This is available in VHS and VCD.

  • Spiceworld

This movie is nonstop comedy and makes you laugh so hard the milk shoots out of your nose. Five girls. Five days. One Rocking world! The movie is tongue and cheek life of the biggest girl band in history, their road manager and of course the Chief. Tons of stars in this film such as Roger Moore, Richard E. Grant, Alan Cumming, Elton John, George Wendt, Elvis Costello and Meatloaf.

The first time it came out on video, I watched it five times in a row. At the time of release, Spiceworld broke the box office record of money made during a Super Bowl weekend.

Available on VHS and DVD. The UK release (bottom) also had collectible tins of each girl. The US release (top) came with a poster that is the same as the box cover.

UK VHS Special Edition Tins - thanks so much to Sam for sending the pix!

All = Emma = Geri = Mel B = Mel C = Victoria

  • Spiceworld 10th Anniversary Edition

UK/European Release (top)

This is the same plain DVD release from 10 years ago with a brand new looking cardboard sleeve. This has a glittery look to it to make it seem worth the reason to buy it. Don't be fooled, they only did this because they had back stock of the old DVDs and were looking for a way to get rid of them. This UK/European release does have new postcards inside which could be worth the cost. The price on this one is a lot lower than it's US counterpart. There is no scan of the DVD art because it is a dual sided disc.

Spiceworld 10th Anniv postcards - Mel C - Geri - Mel B - Victoria - Emma

US Release (2nd & 3rd picture)


  • One Hour of Girl Power! Vol. 1

This is volume 1, and the only volume, of the Spice videos. It includes all the videos and little commentary by the girls about the videos and about some of the other scenes from the places they have traveled around the world. It is a great video and I only wish they would have made a video like this for the videos from Spiceworld.

  • Russian Spice Video CD

This CD is good if you can understand Russian because the program that plays the videos are in Russian. However, it is a good CD that contains all the Spice and Spiceworld videos.

  • Forever More DVD

This is a Region 2 coded DVD which has the videos for "Goodbye," "Holler" and "Let Love Lead The Way." I can play it in my DVD Rom drive and it works. So if you live in America, buy it and play it in your computer. DVD also contains a fold out double sided picture.

*insert poster - side 1 - side 2

  • Spice Girls Karaoke Video Collection

This is an official Virgin Records Karaoke VCD. The words are at the bottom and just the backup vocals. This includes all the released videos from all 3 albums.

  • Unauthorized and Spicy

This is done by some bloke who is trying to cash in on the success of the Spice Girls. Don't waste your money on this video. All it is, is a guy walking about with a microphone and asking people what they think of the Spice Girls. I think Victoria said it best in Spiceworld when she said, "I know you said this was going to be tacky, but this IS tacky."

  • RAW Spice

This video is exactly what it says. This is a documentary of what the girls were like before they conquered the globe. This is a must watch for all Spice Girls' fans. One of my favorite parts is when Victoria is talking about her Ryan Giggs poster. Is that foreshadowing that she will be with a Manchester United player, or what? This also reminds me of the current reality series that show future "wannabes" practicing dancing and singing.

  • Zig-A-Zig-Ahhh Interviews (unofficial)


  • 1999 Party In The Park

This is an excellent concert to watch. The performances contain Geri Halliwell with Look At Me, Mi Chico Latino and Bag It Up as well as some good shows from Steps, Boyzone and S Club 7,

  • Bend It Like Beckham

Not a bad movie if you like sports movies with a happy ending. This movie contains Independence Day by Melanie C as well as a cameo by Victoria and David Beckham. The scene with Posh & Becks is hard to tell that it's even them, but use your imagination.

  • Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me

Hilarious movie! The DVD contains a video of Word Up by Mel B

  • Zoolander

A very, very, very brief shot of Victoria and Emma doing an interview in the beginning of the movie.

  • Ali G - Bling Bling

This guy is so F'ing funny! This DVD contains the comic relief interview with David and Victoria Beckham

  • 2002 Brit Awards

DVD of the 2002 Brit Awards which includes a performance of It's Raining Men by Geri Halliwell. There is also an audio CD which contains tracks of all the songs performed.

  • Geri Yoga

"Geri Halliwell's transformation from Spice Girl to hip babe owes as much to her taking up yoga--a step she shares with us in Geri Yoga--as it does to revamping her wardrobe. Where Madonna and Sting have led the craze in this field, Geri has decided to show us all the yoga way. The 90-minute Geri Yoga features yoga teacher Katy Appleton presenting two warm up sections, a core Hatha yoga class, relaxation, along with an interview with Geri on yoga as a lifestyle." From

  • Geri Body Yoga

"Geri Body Yoga on disc has a 14-minute location film which takes us from Geri's West Hollywood apartment to behind the scenes of the filming with producer/director Steve Kemsley. The transformation of Cloudy Malibu in California, from a simple location to a spa style makes great viewing. The DVD also enables you to customize your own yoga session if you don't have time to do the full 90-minute session." From

  • Popstars - The Rivals

Geri Halliwell is a judge on the show which is looking for undiscovered talent. I have never seen this show, but it can't be that different from American Idol here in the States.

  • South Africa Freedom Day Concert on the Square

Contains one performance of Mel B singing "Feels So Good" from 2001. This DVD is available in both Region 1 & 2.


  • The 'Real' Beckhams

This video is a documentary about the Beckhams move to Spain. Also included is Victoria's new videos "This Groove" and "Let Your Head Go" as well as bonus material, a photo gallery and 6 audio tracks: This Groove, Let Your Head Go, Me & You This Time, That Dude, Valentine and Resentment.

  • Pepsi Silver Clef Concet

2 disk DVD that contains performances of Emma singing "Free Me", "What Took You So Long" and " 2 Become 1" (acoustic) from 2002.



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